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Mathew has worked in banking, real estate finance, and property preservation. He has excelled in these subjects, demonstrating his broad understanding, and worked as a Property Preservation Contractor from 2010 until 2018. He managed a portfolio of properties carefully throughout this time. Mathew was responsible for housing quality, health and safety, and local construction code compliance. He has always been dedicated to property management and quality through regular site inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Before entering property preservation, Mathew worked in banking. He worked in real estate finance from 2006 to 2010. He expertly managed the bank’s commercial real estate loan portfolio. He also focused on client contacts, which yielded profits. Mathew has made substantial contributions to risk management. He developed and implemented a highly successful risk evaluation methodology for real estate loans. He has conducted challenging portfolio assessments and trained portfolio managers and credit analysts throughout his career.

Mathew’s spiritual path has shaped both his personal and professional life. He left the church at a young age after becoming disillusioned with Catholicism. He then joined a Baptist church after a thorough Bible study. He learned about constellations from Frances Rolleston’s studies in his 40s. The Qur’an became Mathew’s spiritual home. Islam was his religion at 48. He became a Mazzarite aged 51 and left Islam. The Mazzaroth, Bible, and Qur’an are the foundation of Mathew’s faith. He values these three sources equally, creating his perspective and spiritual path.