The Zodiac Signs'
Interesting History
From Prophets to Messiah
Discover More The eternal fascination of stargazing has captivated humanity for eons. Each of the twelve Zodiac signs tells a different part of the night sky's story. By separating the signs into four seasons, three different characters emerge, returning in each season and revealing profound insights into the Zodiac Prophecy. The First Season, Virgo, Leo, and Cancer, represents the Word of God, the Church, and the Holy Spirit. Virgo represents the lineage of Jewish prophets and the birth of the Messiah from Mary's bloodline, while Leo represents the Tribe of Judah, defending and enlightening God's chosen people.

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The Original Prophesy

The Original Prophesy:

“The Original Prophecy: Unlocking the Cosmic Secrets of the Zodiac” is a cosmic adventure. Explore the stars’ ancient wisdom and secret tales to challenge established views and discover the huge connections between faith, mythology, and the universe.

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